The iconic New Orleans Jazz Fest has been entertaining natives and visitors for many decades, and this year will mark the 50th year it has been in business. Dating all the way back to 1970, it opened at Armstrong Park with 4 stages and ticket prices at a modest $3.

Fast forward to today, it’s gone from those 4 stages to covering two entire 4-day weekends. While the 1970 version attracted a few hundred visitors, this years will attract a few hundred thousand.

While the festival is famous for showcasing lesser known acts from around the world, it will also attract the likes of megastar Katy Perry.

While the Jazz festival has had its ups and down over the decades, it has now enjoyed 15 years of financial stability, allowing for not only the yearly Jazz festival but also a large amount of programs and free events throughout the year.

We wish the festival years more of success!